About Me

My name is Maram Meccawy, I’m a freelance journalist and writer. I have been writing for AL-Watan newspaper in Saudi Arabia as an opinion columnist for almost a decade (2003-2013). I wrote briefly for Makkah newspaper at the beginning of 2014. Currently, I often contribute to a number of Arabic magazines and periodicals such as Aramco’s bi-monthly magazine: Al-Qafilah. In my articles, I focus on the main challenges facing the Saudi society. These issues include: women’s rights, education, domestic violence, unemployment, social media, political and religious reform, to name but few

I live in Jeddah and have started in January 2014 my duties as an Assistant Professor at KAU‘s faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology as part of the IS department. Previously, I worked as a Managing Editor for Makkah Online news site

I have one published book titled: By The Hyde Park Lake (Arabic -1st edition 2007, 2nd edition 2009). The book was nominated for the “Sheikh Zayed’s Book Award-2008″. I have  also finished writing my first novel which I predict it will be published late in 2014

By profession and training I’m a computer scientist; I have a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Nottingham in the UK (2009). My full professional profile can be found on LinkedIn and Academia

In 2012 I moved to Washington DC with my husband and worked part-time as an adviser with the Gilfus Advisors Network.

I was born in Manchester, England to Saudi parents from the holy city of Mecca (hence my family name!). My parents live in Jeddah, where I grew up mostly and consider as my beloved hometown

A part from writing and programming, I have been involved in organising or participating in a number of cultural events and faith dialogue projects in order to promote mutual respect and encourage cross-cultural engagement both on a local & international level

In summer 2014 I gave birth to my first child, baby Maan was born!

My first fictional novel has been recently published (2014/1435) by Arab Scientific Publication and can be bought online via www.neelwafurat.com